Mineral Illuminator Pot for Life

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Our beautiful illuminator is just enough to add a subtle and youthful glow and bring your face to life.

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Our beautiful illuminator is just enough to add a subtle and youthful glow and bring your face to life.

It can be applied to cheekbones and eye brow bone to enhance, inside of eye lids to open up the eyes or add a sprinkle to your foundation to create a dewy finish to your skin.

It is one of our best sellers as it is a great way to finish off your naturally radiant look.

Please refer to our illuminator how to video and tips and tricks for application guidance.

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Weight0.054 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 3 cm

Iron Oxides 77891

Mica – which helps reduce fine lines and open pores to create an impeccable look. Our products work with your skin to enhance its quality, so we leave out the nasty stuff* which causes skin irritation or promotes premature ageing, like Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc’s and Cornstarch, Parabens, Toxic preservatives, Mineral oils, Silicone or Lanolin.

Iron Oxides 77891 – These are natural inorganic pigments that colour our mineral cosmetics beautifully.

  • Follow our how to videos on best ways to apply the illuminator.
  • The illuminator creates a nice glow to the high points of your face for an extra radiant look. It suits any skin tones.
  • Avoid using illuminator directly on fine lines as it can enhance them.
  • Apply illuminator on top of or mixed in with foundation to create a more glowy finish.
  • Apply illuminator with finger and blend on cheek bones and eye brow bone for more intensity.
  • Apply illuminator with a large , light brush for a more subtle glow.
  • Apply illuminator on inside of eye lid to open up the eyes.
  • The illuminator blends with your own skins oils so even if you do slightly over apply it will blend after 20 minutes. If you have oily skin you may need to apply 2 layers.
  • Use your foundation brush to correct any mistakes made or over applying with the illuminator
  • Cleaning brushes To clean your brushes we recommend spot cleaning only. Use an alcohol spray or a gentle anti bacterial spray/gel. Spray about 3 times on the surface of your brush and wipe around on a piece of kitchen towel, repeat until it brushes clean. Alternatively put a bit of gel on the kitchen towel and rub brush around in it until it brushes clean. DO NOT submerge the brush into water , this will loosen the glue holding the bristles in place and you will start to notice the bristles coming out of the brush over time. If only using on yourself we recommend cleaning once a week.  If using on customers as a make up artist it is essential that you clean after use on each customer.
  • Removing At night we recommend removing your angel face products either under a hot shower or apply a natural cleanser and remove with a wet and hot flannel. Cleaning until all is off. If you do end up leaving the products on overnight they will not clog your pores so will not cause breakouts in the morning like chemical comedogenic products would. The only disadvantage to it is you may end up with make up on your pillow.

1 review for Mineral Illuminator Pot for Life

  1. sallybeck.branch

    This is by far the BEST illuminator I have ever used, and I have used quite a few! It gives a subtle pinkish glow after using any type of foundation (I have tried it with Angel Face mineral foundation and also a liquid foundation) and the results are amazing. I apply it with the Bronzer Kabuki brush for more subtlety but that is not to say I am correct. I am 55 and although I don’t look ancient this really has given me a youthful glow. I LOVE it and am now terrified of it ever being discontinued! Perfect!

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