It's all in the packaging

To help you Reduce Reuse Recycle

When we first conceived the concept of All Earth Mineral Cosmetics, we wanted to bring our customers the very best product and the very best price. However, we wanted to do more then that, and for us our packaging has become as important as the product inside.

You may be surprised to learn that creating our wonderful range of natural cosmetics is the easy bit. For those customers who have been on the journey with us from the beginning, would have seen dramatic changes – from our first plastic pots brought in from China, through to our latest innovative recycled pot for life, made right here in Cornwall just a few miles from our head office.

Our journey has been a roller coaster.

Our Packaging in 2021

Pots for life

Recycled and Recyclable

Cleaning the seas one pot at a time.

Our new and unique, all recycled and recyclable Pots for Life, bring together new innovation and production methods to tackle a serious environmental problem. For years, discarded fishing nets have caused untold damage to our marine life, and living and working here in Cornwall, our seas and coastline are particularly close to our hearts. Working with a local Cornish company, we take the reclaimed fishing nets and reconstitute this waste product into new a new usable form. These robust and durable ‘keep forever’ pots work with our 100% biodegradable and recyclable refills and shots making them great for the environment and saving you money.

They are made exclusively for All Earth Mineral Cosmetics and are unique in the cosmetic and packaging industries. The sifter is designed to use minimal plastic, to easily open and close when refilling, and has a specially designed decanter to control how much you want to tap out at a time, this fits flush with the lid to keep the product from spilling into the lid during travel.

The benefits of us using our new pots are a low carbon footprint, with these pots being made just a few miles away from our head office. The end of tree and forestry use in our casings. Supporting local industry and British innovation and doing your bit to help clean our seas and protect our coastline and marine life not only here in Cornwall but around the world.


Recyclable and fully compostable

Designed to work with Pots for Life our completely unique refill tubes are 100% biodegradable and recyclable and are available in all of our mineral products. Their design makes it quick and easy to either refill your All Earth ‘pot for life’ or to empty into any jar or pot you may have at home. Alternatively, because of their stand-up shape, you can even just keep them with the product stored in them, just be aware they are not waterproof so are best stored in a dry environment.


Recyclable and fully compostable

Made in the same way as our Refills our brand-new mineral shots are a great travel size version our a great way to mix and match your perfect blend. You have a shot of caramel in your coffee, right? Well, these work in the same way but as a makeup fix instead. Whether you want to slightly lighten or darken your current foundation, add a pink or peach tone, add more coverage, oil control or illumination then these shots are the perfect size to add.
The shots are offered in all of our mineral product range.