Our Story

About us and our journey to where we are now


Everything at All Earth Minerals is about simplicity. From our ‘easy to choose and use’ multi use range with straight forward naming to quick and easy application of the products with guidance from our make up artist professionals with ‘how to’ videos, tips and tricks and personal support.


We use high grade, safe particle size, pure minerals with added anti-inflammatory ingredients and have left out bismuth oxychloride and cheap fillers, making our products suitable for sensitive and problematic skin. Our natural face cream is shea butter based with added uplifting rose oil. Please see ingredients for each product for more information.


Due to the perfect balance of ingredients our products are sweat proof, rain proof, feel light and comfortable on the skin, provide light sun protection, no flashback and have amazing lasting power. The way the foundations oxidise and blend with the skin’s natural undertones, makes our simple range of 6 shades suitable for most skin tones.

Cost Efficient

Our minerals are highly pigmented and our cream is highly concentrated so with both, a little goes a long way making them last a lot longer.  They can be mixed together and multi used, making our simple range very versatile and suitable for all skin types. We keep our minerals as loose powder so that they do not need added ingredients to bind them together – therefore no preservatives are needed in them.  This also means they have a very long shelf life.  We offer samples to try before you buy the larger size, we offer half size foundations and offer a money back guarantee on all products.

Environmentally Friendly

We offer 100% biodegradable, sustainable recycled and recyclable refills for our beautiful bamboo pots with an eco-pot alternative.   The plastic in our face cream pots is recyclable and our brush handles are aluminium. We use biodegradable sustainable and recycled/recyclable postage packaging and minimal boxing on our products. Our kits come in our new gift boxes and can be kept in this to prevent wastage. We keep paperwork mainly digital to save on paper and any marketing material is printed on recycled kraft card.

People Friendly

All of our ingredients are ethically sourced which means they are not sourced from any areas of the world that carry out child labour.

Animal Friendly

All of our products and brushes are cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan friendly.

Natural Creation

As a supplier we have never considered whether we are ‘ethical’ or not, as it has never crossed our minds that anything we do isn’t. The stock we sell is relevant to our customers if it was not done or sourced in a way which showed complete respect for our planet and the people who inhabit it. This includes all the workers that produce and ship the goods we stock and sell, our own customers, our staff and ourselves. Long before it became ‘trendy’ to offer published ethical statements we have been operating our business in a manner which meets our own high standards.

Our aim has always been, and remains, to source natural products that meet the highest standards of quality from importers and suppliers around the world that themselves share the same standards.

Most of all we strive to ensure that we work with suppliers that have the following ethical considerations when sourcing their products:


Products should be sourced sustainably, there should be no negative environmental impact on endangered species. There should be minimal production emissions during transit, there should be careful use of resources to process ingredients. There should be no genetic modification of plants used for production of their products.


Workers should have the right to union membership, production facilities should respect health and safety. Workers should have fair pay and fair working hours, there should be no discrimination and no child labour.

Animal protection

There should be no animal testing of ingredients or manufactured products. Where possible they should only use vegetarian or vegan ingredients.


The distance ingredients travel are minimised. Packaging materials should be recyclable or biodegradable where possible.

How It All Began

It’s a very simple but effective story behind All Earth Mineral Cosmetics.

Co founder Julie Wieczorek has been a professional make up artist for 19 years. Over the first 10 years of building her career, Julie, being passionate about her customers needs, skin health and the welfare of animals, recognised 3 initial key ISSUES in the make up world:

  1. Too much choice of gimmicky products which makes the more natural make up wearer feel unconfident in applying make up on themselves.
  2. Brands using pore clogging chemicals and irritable minerals causing skin issues and sensitivities.
  3. Brands still testing on animals and using animal derived ingredients.
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Natural Creation

Julie teamed up with friend and natural skincare enthusiast Guy Hanson (co founder of All Earth) and over the next year they worked closely with other natural specialists and manufacturers. With all their skills combined they created a perfect range.


A simple, versatile and multi-use concept with straight forward naming.


To only using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients that are not from child labour areas, not tested on animals, not animal derived and free from palm oil.


To leave out all chemical, pore clogging ingredients as well as the irritable mineral bismuth oxychloride and to replace it with natural, anti inflammatory properties making them suitable and healing to the most sensitive and problematic skin.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Julie then wanted to prove that their natural alternative multi use range was just as effective as conventional chemical based make up without harming the skin. So Julie and her team of make up artists spent the next 6 years using the products on all of their clients including, between them, hundreds of make up lessons, bridal parties, prom girls and even top models at London Fashion Week, top fashion events and big name magazine editorials! All with perfect results and amazing feedback every time of how comfortable, durable and long lasting their make overs were with no flash back in flash photography.

In that time, along with their great Mua skills, the products contributed to Julie and some of her team becoming recognised as TOP MAKE UP ARTISTS in the South West and in very high demand, particularly in wedding make up.

What more proof can you get than that on the quality and performance of their natural product range!

Julie and Guy chose the name Angel Face which represents the purity and gentleness of the products as well as in memory of Julie’s angel son Ben who she sadly lost in 2006. Unfortunately due to a conflict of name with a large well known cosmetic company we were forced to change our branding as you see it now. 

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Putting the Environment First

Once Julie and Guy realised they had a great product they then spent a further year designing the packaging. Another huge key issue they noticed with ALL other make up brands is their products are all packaged in SINGLE USE PLASTIC PACKAGING with UNNECESSARY BOXING.

Being from Cornwall, Julie and Guy care deeply about their environment so, unlike all the other brands out there, they wanted to put the environment first, not only in the packaging but their whole ethos of their company.

They officially launched their range in October 2018 with their unique rustic image and innovative eco and sustainable packaging refill concept where you purchase a beautiful ‘pot for life’ and simply refill it rather than replace it. As well as this they went the extra mile:


All filler used in p&p is recycled shredded paper from offices.


None of the products are boxed in unnecessary packaging.


Brush handles are aluminium.


Although Face Cream is currently offered in a recyclable plastic this is changing to aluminium in next batch.


Our pads used in our eco pots are made from 100% organic cotton and bags used for brushes are all made from linen which is completely sustainable.

Terracycle Project


So we all thought we were doing our bit for the environment by putting our plastic in the recycling every week. We rested in the reassurance and presumption that this is contributing to the avoidance of landfill sites and oceans being filled up even more!! But, shockingly and sadly, after recent awareness from the media this may not actually be the case!


We, at All Earth, do not claim to be experts in this area. We have no more knowledge than you other than from what we see and hear from the media but as a company who’s main focus is on helping the environment, the latest sad revelations made us want to contribute in doing something about it.


We are already playing a big part towards the zero waste movement with our packaging concept but we are always looking at ways we can improve and better ourselves for the environment and will continue to play as big of a part as we can in helping our planet which is why we now also offer our exciting new recycling service.




Our ‘pots for life’ are beautiful. These have been designed to last and be refilled over and over again. The pots do contain recyclable plastic with a lockable sifter but this is to ensure your product stays protected inside it’s stunning bamboo casing. Simply buy our refills to top it up again and again. All of our refills are made from recycled/recyclable biodegradable cardboard and NO single use plastic is used in any of our pots!!


For anyone who did still want to discard of our pots and buy a new one they can simply return it to us and we will add it to our special recycling service through TerraCycle, where any plastic and plastic combination is guaranteed to be recycled.


If you are going completely plastic free, we also offer our 100% biodegradable pots as an alternative. Yes! We really have thought of everything!



Our handles are coated aluminium and our brush bristles are made from synthetic fibres and NOT from animal hair.
We are still searching for biodegradeable bristles that arent made from animal hair and unfortunately this has not yet been invented.

Our brushes are made to be such high quality and so durable that they will last for years and years. When they finally need to be discarded, again, we offer our recycling service through TerraCycle where any plastic or plastic /aluminium combination is guaranteed to be recycled.


We are soon to be launching our brand new face creams in aluminium tins but in the meantime we offer our terracycle recycling service for all of our Plastic face cream pots.




So, as you can see above, we have a great packaging concept. But what we have now established from our customers is that, due to the difficulty with recycling mixed plastics, even though they are switching to our more environmentally friendly options, they do not know what to do with their old pots when switching to ours.


This is where we are offering our new ECO SWAP service where, if you spend £50 or more with us, you will recieve with your order, a recycled plastic bag which can be filled with old pots and brushes (any plastic or plastic /aluminium combination) and return it free of charge. We will then pop it into our terracycle zero waste box which, when full up, will be sent to terracycle where ALL contents inside the box will be recycled in to great new items and we buy another box and start all over again..  

All we ask is that you only send …
* Cosmetics pots and brushes.
* Plastic based (can be a plastic/aluminium/glass/bamboo combination)
* Cleaned out as much as you can
* We DO NOT accept full glass or full aluminium as this can already be   easily recycled



DID YOU KNOW – that in the fishing industry around the world, fixing of fishing nets has died out as it’s just not financially viable for fisherman, so, because of this, fisherman just chuck their nets into the sea when they can no longer use them.

All Earth are pleased to announce that we are currently working with a Cornish manufacturer for our new pots launching soon, who buy the nets off the fisherman to encourage them to bring them back in instead of chucking them into the sea , as well as salvaging nets that have already been chucked in the sea, they then get shipped to Cornwall to be recycled into all sorts of items of use, including our pot inners!


Julie, Guy and their team of professionals care about their customers getting the best out of their lovely All Earth products so offer a full support service.


There is a skin tone guide on the website and cute samples to ‘try before you buy’ with free p&p.


There are ‘how to’ videos, tips & tricks and FAQ’s on the website.

There is a customer support service on social media and website where all questions are answered within 24 hours.

Julie and Guy are very proud of their brand and word is getting around quickly on how great it is. They have plans to add to their range in the near future with more natural, simple and environmentally friendly ideas!

If you are after a simple to use multi use product range with your skin health and welfare of animals/environment being a priority then All Earth products are just what you are looking for.


Following yesterday’s announcement on the UK lockdown we want to give our customers an update on where we are.

Being an online business, All Earth Minerals Cosmetics are still able to take, process and post orders. However, we have made a few changes in order to best serve our customers and protect both our staff and royal mail personnel at this time:

1. We have reduced our posting days to one per week this will be a Friday and is collected from our offices.

2. We will try to fulfil all order received by midnight on the Thursday so they can be posted out for the Friday collection.

3. All packages and large letters will be posted with 2nd class postage to limit the strain on the postal service.

4. All postage will continue to have a tracking scan at the doorstep and will be tracible through royal mail track and trace.

Obviously, these are fast moving times and thing can change rapidly. We will take every precaution to make sure you order arrive as speedily as possible and a safely as possible.




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