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We want to be clear and transparent on how we store and use your data, whilst complying to the latest GDPR legislation.

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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Data Policy

1. Data Collection & Usage
1.1 We may collect and store the following details; Full names, Addresses, Email Addresses, Telephone Numbers, Business Names.
1.2 We may collect your details through the following means; website contact form (, email correspondence, collection of business cards, Creditsafe UK ( and information that is available in the public domain.
1.3 We process data on the following legal basis;
Consent – by providing us with your data in the means listed in section 1.2 the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data and to be used for the purpose of future communications.
Legal compliance – the processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation for invoicing records.
Necessary for the performance of the contract – we may require personal login information to third party services in order to satisfy the contract.
Legitimate interest of the data controller – we may collect and hold data that is available using means identified in section 1.2.
1.4 We check our information for accuracy by regularly vetting our database every 12 months, checking with you that your details are correct and updating our records accordingly.
1.5 The data we collect is used for the performance of our services and to allow us to deliver products and written communications to you were it is necessary to do so. We may also share this information with third party suppliers where necessary for the performance of our services. We may use the data to contact you regarding product recalls, important product information as well as anything we deem may be of interest to you. We may use your data to contact you with marketing communications if you have opted-in to receive those communications.
1.6 Any data collected in paper format, i.e. business cards, will be transferred to our secure database and the paper format will be shredded. Your data will be reviewed in line with section 1.5.
1.7 We use and store data that is bought in from our supplier, CreditsafeUK, who are GDPR compliant.

2. Data Access and Responsibility
2.1 Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics Ltd operates and is registered in the United Kingdom. Access to data is limited to Directors and Employees of Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics Ltd and Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics Ltd assumes sole responsibility for the management and use of the data held.
2.2 Third-Party access may be granted to approved parties for access to the data storage software where there is a legitimate interest. This Third-party will always be GDPR compliant and will not copy, share or misuse any data contained within the software.
2.3 All hardware used to access data is protected by either fingerprint recognition software or by a locked pin code or password.
2.4 All data being held is stored securely on WooCommerce who provide data encrypted storage solutions. Details can be found here: WooCommerce are GDPR compliant.

3. Data Access and Responsibility
3.1 Individuals have the right to access their personal data, this is commonly referred to as subject access. Individuals can make a subject access request verbally or in writing by telephoning 07814 396 368 or emailing [email protected]. We will respond to your request within 30 days.
3.2 Your record in our database will have a Unique Reference Number attached to it. Should you wish your details to be deleted under the “right to be forgotten rules”, all your data will be deleted except the Unique Reference Number. This number will be stored to allow us to prove that any data related to the Unique Reference Number has been deleted in the future.

4. Data Breach Actions
4.1 In the event of a data breach Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics Ltd are responsible to report the breach to the ICO and inform anyone who’s data may have been affected within 72 hours.
4.2 In the event of a breach Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics Ltd will take the necessary action required to prevent the instance occurring in the future including the revision of this policy.

This policy was written by David Crawford on behalf of Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics Ltd
Date created: 9th October 2018
Date Reviewed: 9th October 2018

Signed by:

Guy Hanson

Julie Wieczorek