Help and FAQs

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Why choose ALl EARTH Mineral Cosmetics?

All Earth offer a simple and versatile range that is enough to create a quick and convenient look for everyday women and men who would like a simple look right up to make up enthusiasts who like a more detailed look and full coverage. The products contain a perfect balance of mineral and botanical ingredients that are kind and beneficial to sensitive skin, give such great long-lasting coverage and are so comfortable to wear it doesn’t feel like you are wearing make up at all. We also care deeply about animals and the environment, so all our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free, all of our specially designed kabuki brushes are synthetic and our beautifully designed packaging is eco-friendly with our unique biodegradable refills.

Are ALl EARTH Mineral Cosmetics paraben free?

Yes, our mineral products are all loose dry powders so do not need any preservatives or binders added. We use natural preservatives like carrot tissue in our rejuvenating face cream.

Are ALL EARTH Mineral Cosmetics Vegan and Cruelty free?

Yes, we always have been and always will be cruelty free and Vegan.  We are passionate about raising awareness of a cruelty free lifestyle and encourage customers to check their other beauty and household products to ensure they are cruelty free.  We do not use any animal ingredients such as Carmine/lake or animal derived allantoin, instead we use natural colourants from zinc oxides and plant based allantoin. Our specially designed kabuki brushes are synthetic instead of animal hair.

Are ALL EARTH Mineral Cosmetics pure minerals - are there any fillers?

All Earth minerals are pure minerals.  Every ingredient we use is for the benefit of your skin – to create high performance products that support and protect your skin whilst being light and breathable. There are no cheap fillers used such as corn-starch or talc’s, just top-quality pure minerals and botanicals are used. Please see ingredients list on each product.

Do All Earth Mineral Cosmetics comply with Ethical and child labour standards?

Yes, we do. We ensure that all our mineral ingredients are sourced from Countries and suppliers where child labour is not involved.

How is ALL EARTH Mineral Cosmetics eco-friendly?

All Earth use only pure ingredients which is healthy for the environment in manufacture and we use abundant, ethically sourced minerals.  we use minimal outer packaging and although our mineral pots contain some plastic for safety standards and oracticality, we offer biodegradable refills, so you can keep, refill and reuse the pot.  Our skincare is packaged in fully recyclable aluminium and glass.  For shipping we pack orders in Biodegradable and recycled bags and boxes.

Why do ALL EARTH mineral Cosmetics NOT contain bismuth oxychloride?

After much research we established that a lot of people find mineral make up can make them feel itchy on their face when they get hot, we discovered that this is down to bismuth oxychloride ingredients that most mineral make up companies use in their products. We have kept this ingredient out.

Do ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics have an SPF?

Certain mineral ingredients in our products cover the skin and reflect UVA and UVB rays, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – this is an ideal non-toxic sun protection.  Our mineral foundations have an SPF of 15+ but we always advise to still wear extra sun protection to ensure complete protection from the sun’s rays.

Are ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics organic?

All Earth Minerals are made with pure minerals – ground up rocks.  Because these are not grown, like fruit and vegetables, for example, they can not be certified organic. For a product to be certified as organic, they need to contain 70% of an ingredient like rice powder or corn-starch.  This would diminish the value of the minerals and the make-up would not feel light, give great coverage and would be irritating to the skin and lose the SPF.  When it comes to mineral powder – certified organic is not best.

Do ALl earth mineral Cosmetics products cause breakouts if left on the skin for too long?

Due to the nature of how our products work they shouldn’t cause breakouts, unless there is an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients (please see below). They do not contain any comedogenic (pore clogging) properties and instead lay like a veil on your skin to allow your skin to breath under the product. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in the foundations mean that they can heal moderately problematic skin when used regularly.

Are ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics suited to sensitive skin?

All Earth Minerals are very gentle and contain natural anti inflammatory and moisturising ingredients, they can be beneficial to sensitive and problematic skin.  We have not yet had any complaints of allergic reactions to our products. If you are unsure please check our ingredients lists for any ingredient you think you may be allergic to, consult a skin therapist for advice or do a skin test.   We offer refunds if you find you are allergic from the skin test. Even if you have reacted to other mineral loose powder brands it may not mean that you are allergic to ours as they all contain different types and grades of mineral ingredients.  Our 3 in 1 natural face cream has also been created to be kind to the most sensitive of skin.

What is the coverage of ALl earth mineral foundation?

Due to the blend of mineral ingredients our foundations have exceptional coverage depending on how they are applied (please refer to our ‘how to videos’). They will cover rosacea and even out skin tone and, if applied after our 3 in 1 natural  face cream and are applied with our specially designed kabuki brush, they will even out dry and oily patches on the skin. They will cover blemishes but be mindful of scabs from spots, eczema and psoriasis, no product can cover a scab. However due to the natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients in our foundations they can act as a treatment to problematic skin. Depending on the severity of the skin issue the products can help to clear up blemished skin when used regularly and you would find your skin is healthier and more blemish free in the long term.

Are ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics suitable for all skin ages?

We have made our foundations to be flattering on all ages including mature skin.  It will not accentuate lines and wrinkles or look dry on your skin if it is applied correctly, please see our ‘how to’ videos for guidance on this.  Our minerals have been made to be very highly pigmented so will mix with certain consistencies to create different finishes suitable for different skin types and ages.  If you are not getting an amazing look on your skin it may be down to how you are applying it, let us know and we can help.  Your All Earth Minerals will look even more beautiful 30 minutes after application as it blends with the natural oils in your skin.

For more mature skin we recommend avoiding using our illuminator on fine lines as this can accentuate them more.

Are ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our minerals have been made to be very highly pigmented so can be adapted in application to suit any skin type and create different coverages to suit, also to mix with various consistencies such as water, creams, serums etc to create different finishes suitable for different skin types and ages. Please see our ‘how to’ videos for more information on this.  There are properties that help matt oily skin and properties that help moisturise dry skin. Our 3 in 1 natural face cream has been created to work on all skin types, just adapt how much you apply – please see ‘how to’ videos for this.

What is the shelf life of ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics products?

Because our loose minerals contain allantoin our recommended shelf life is 18 months but can last longer than this when kept in room temperature conditions and out of direct sun light.  Our skin care is 12 months maximum shelf life as long as kept away from direct sunlight due to its natural properties. 

Are ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics long lasting on the skin?

Yes, due to the balance of ingredients used, their lasting power is outstanding, but this depends on application (please see our ‘how to’ videos for guidance on this).

Are ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics sweat and shine proof?

Our products are renowned for their staying power through moderate sweating which is why they are so suitable for people who are active or that sweat easily. For shiny skin we recommend using the finishing powder on top of the foundation to help matt the skin (please see ‘how to’ videos for advice on this). The products will also stay well when exposed to light driving rain or moisture.

Are ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics products quick to apply?

Yes, they can be very quick to apply if needed but we advise that you follow the ‘how to’ videos to ensure they are still applied correctly. They are great for busy working women and men who need a quick and convenient coverage and radiance that will last all day.

What makes ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics products suitable for sensitive skin?

We use allantoin in our products as well as Kaolin, both of these ingredients are an anti inflammatory which calms the skin so the products are not only safe for sensitive skin, they are beneficial. These 2 ingredients are also known to moisturise, heal and preserve the skin after regular use and are ideal for people with sensitive and dry skin and for those prone to Acne, breakouts and Rosacre

Does loose powder mean it is not suitable for dry skin?

You would think so wouldn’t you. But due to the moisturising properties in our minerals they can moisturise and soften the skin after regular use.  They also contain properties that are known to have anti ageing benefits.

Do ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics contain mica?

Yes, we do use high quality mica in our products as this is a rock/mineral that offers beautiful luminous qualities.  Our mica (like all ingredients) is free of nano particles and the purest cosmetic grade mica available.  It is not coated in any artificial dyes or colourings and is sourced from countries that do not carry out child labour.

Where are ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics made?

All Earth mineral products are made in Cornwall and Kent and skincare products are all made in Cornwall. 

Do ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics contain nano particles?

No, all of our All Earth products are non-carcinogenic so do not contain nano particles.

Where can I buy ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics?

All Earth products are available on our own website, on many other zero waste suppliers’ websites and shops around the Country and through many affiliates and make up artists around the world. 

What if my colour isn't right?

We offer an easy range of just 6 shades with the option to purchase samples for just £2 each and free P&P which can also be used as colour shots to add a slight colour tone/shade to full size if need be , we also offer the half size option so that you can buy 2 different shades and mix them together to whatever ratio you desire if need be. We also have our foundation shade chart to give you an idea of which shade is correct for your own skin tone or you can contact us and speak to one of our experts for further advice on this.

How do I apply my ALl earth Mineral Cosmetics Foundation?

Check out our ‘how to’ videos on our website for an application guide or contact us if you need any extra advice.

Can I try before I buy?

You can purchase our samples for just £2 each with free P&P or, because it is so important to apply with our specially designed foundation kabuki brushes for best results we recommend purchasing a sample kit where you receive a kabuki brush and a choice of any 3 samples of your choice.  We also recommend our sample size face creams. Once you find your favourite products you can then go on to purchase full size. 

What’s the best way to apply the minerals?

For best results we recommend that you apply with our specially designed kabuki brushes, please see our ‘how to’ videos for other application tips.