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Whether you are a make up artist, party plan organiser or work in another profession, and you would like to demonstrate and stock our products on a small scale and have them available for people to buy direct from you, then this could be a great option . A great way to earn money by running your own small Angel Face retail business with up to date online support.

Once you become a member, you will automatically get full discounts on all VAT included products, which will be visible as you buy. You’ll get access to an exclusive members lounge where you can get information, specific member videos , help and guidance. We also have a forum where members can talk to each other, share tips and tricks or ask questions. 

In addition your business name can be added to our directory, 

Want to become a wholesale stockist for your Shop or Online business?

We have some great discount rates for you. For more information please contact us via our social media platforms, fill out the contact form below, or email us direct at [email protected]

Why not apply today and if you would like further information then please contact through our social media platforms or our contact page.

*Please note that to maintain your membership discounts and access all members must make orders of at least £100 per month. 

** you can also maintain an affiliate account at the same time as being a member.

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