Mineral Concealer Pot for Life


Banish your blemishes & imperfections with our adaptive mineral concealer which contains ingredients to lighten, conceal and colour correct all in one. It can be applied dry or mixed with a water, cream, balm or serum depending on what works for your skin type. It comes in one simple shade as you can add a little of your foundation or bronzer to adapt the colour if need be.

Please refer to our concealer how to video and tips and tricks for application guidance.

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Banish your blemishes & imperfections with our adaptive mineral concealer. Perfect for moisturising dry skin, our concealer can be added to our moisturiser, balm or serum to give satisfying gentle coverage. Or for the ultimate skin rebalance, colour correct and mask dark circles or age spots by mixing our mineral concealer with your personalised colour foundation. Combined with the use of a our blusher kabuki brush, our mineral concealer is also fantastic for illuminating face contours and boosting radiance. See our exclusive video tutorials for tips on applying and mixing.

Additional information

Weight0.054 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 3 cm

Zinc Oxide C177891
Iron Oxides 77007, 77288

Zinc Oxide, a vegan-friendly natural pigment which provides the colour in our mineral foundation powder as well as naturally protecting your skin from the sun and providing anti-inflammatory benefits for sensitive skin.

Silica, balances skin oils to maintain an enhancing, flawless skin coverage.

Kaolin, an expensive natural clay ingredient with amazing naturally occurring antibacterial qualities. It protects the skin from the sun and free radical damage, whilst also promoting healthy skin tissue renewal. Plus, the magical clay particles help reduce shine and allow impeccable coverage.

Allantoin, a natural plant extract which is a botanical powerhouse for moisturising your skin. It is utterly indispensable for anyone with sensitive skin conditions, particularly eczema and acne, as it offers natural anti-inflammatory relief and helps stimulate healthy tissue growth

Iron Oxides – These are natural inorganic pigments that colour our mineral cosmetics beautifully.

Concealer Tips and Tricks

Because of the blend of ingredients that we use in our mineral concealer it can be easily mixed with different consistencies to adapt to different skin types and your desired finish. Here are some ideas of how you can apply the concealer. Have a play and see what works best for you.

  • Watch our how to video to see best ways to apply.
  • A little goes a long way so only need the smallest amount or it can look too powdery.
  • The concealer can be applied with finger, a brush or with a beauty blender depending on works best for you.
  • We recommend applying the concealer after your foundation so that you can see how well your foundation covers first so you can see how much concealer you need to apply, the foundation will also create a base for the concealer.
  • Our concealer is in one light shade as you can mix in a little of your foundation or bronzer to darken it.
  • The concealer has properties in it that will colour correct, conceal and lighten the areas you need in one go.
  • Do not apply too much concealer at once, this will look too powdery. Instead build the coverage by lots of little layers until you achieve your desired coverage.
  • Don’t be afraid to buff well in to the skin if need be and also apply around the eyes and lids (just make sure you close them while applying around them)
  • You can mix a little in when applying foundation to create extra coverage. Not recommended on dry skin.
  • Apply the illuminator dry by applying a sweep on dark and blemished areas with a small fluffy brush, this is best for normal to oily skin or for a lighter coverage and to a create a Matt finish. Avoid applying to scabs.
  • Apply the illuminator damp by spraying one spray of water in the lid with a little product and dabbing brush in it and then dabbing and buffing to desired areas on face, this is best for any skin type and for heavier coverage. Be mindful not to get the brush too damp. Buff and blend with foundation brush.
  • Apply with face cream by rubbing a small amount of face cream on back of hand, blending the brush into it to achieve a very fine coating on the brush then blending in the concealer in product in lid and dabbing and buffing to desired areas on face , this is best for normal to dry skin and will create a heavier coverage and more dewy finish. Be mindful not to use too much moisturiser.
  • Apply with serum by rubbing a very small amount of serum on back of hand, blending the brush into it to achieve a very fine coating on the brush and then blending into the product and dabbing and buffing on desired areas, this is best for normal to dry skin and will create a heavier coverage and more dewy finish. Be mindful not to use too much serum. If you find that it oxidises then you may need to use a less oily serum. This depends on your skin type.
  • The concealer blends with your own skins oils so even if you do slightly over apply it will blend after 20 minutes.
  • Great to use as a base for eye shadow on eye lids, or even as an eye shadow colour.
  • Cleaning brushes To clean your brushes we recommend spot cleaning only. Use an alcohol spray or a gentle anti bacterial spray/gel. Spray about 3 times on the surface of your brush and wipe around on a piece of kitchen towel, repeat until it brushes clean. Alternatively put a bit of gel on the kitchen towel and rub brush around in it until it brushes clean. DO NOT submerge the brush into water , this will loosen the glue holding the bristles in place and you will start to notice the bristles coming out of the brush over time. If only using on yourself we recommend cleaning once a week.  If using on customers as a make up artist it is essential that you clean after use on each customer.
  • If applying evening make up you do not need to remove your day time make up and start again, you will get great coverage by applying over the top of your day time make up as the product would have worked in so well with your own skins oils creating a perfect base.
  • Removing At night we recommend removing your angel face products either under a hot shower or apply a natural cleanser and remove with a wet and hot flannel. Cleaning until all is off. If you do end up leaving the products on overnight they will not clog your pores so will not cause breakouts in the morning like chemical comedogenic products would. The only disadvantage to it is you may end up with make up on your pillow.


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